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                       OUR WORK

We partners with leading packaging machine manufacturers in Turkey.

We Interstar Solutions Ltd, are a fast growing company based in London.
We provide packaging machinery vertical form, filling, sealing machinery include multi-head weighing thermoforming machinery various packing equipment, elevators and conveyor belts.Our production is %100 in house and we manufacture two thousand square meters in İzmir factory.
We export to 65 different countries and customized product according to your needs


At Interstar Solutions our mission is to provide you the necessary machinery consultancy whilst you design, manufacture and deliver a wide range of products in a manner that meets and exceeds your customers’ expectations and requirements

We apply our commitment to technological developments, constant innovation, our understanding of consumer needs and our relationships with suppliers to deliver these solutions, anywhere and anytime.


Our vision is that all producers and consumers in the world, that is to say, everyone is on equal terms and happy.