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Technical Specifications

System: Automatic, Linear
Construction: Steel construction, all visible parts AISI 304 quality and aluminum covered
Conveyor: 82mm PVC conveyor belt, ~ 3.000
Conveyor Height: Standart 950 mm ( ± 50 mm )
Sample Bottle: Glass, Plastic , Metal
Control System: Beckhoff brand PLC system
Sleeve Material: PET, PVC
Sleeve Thickness: 50μ – 80μ
Sleeve Height: 35-300mm (Gap between two sleeves should be 5 mm. )
Sleeve Height Adjustment: Automatically adjustable on touch screen LCD Panel
Sleeve Roll In Diameter: 150mm
Sleeve Roll Out Diameter: 400mm (max)
Cutter Process Diameter: 35-55mm / 55-105 / 105-130 mm
Fault Rate: ± 0.5mm
Electrical Requirements: 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase
Energy Consumption: 9 kW
Dimensions ( WxLxH ): 1100x5600x2200mm
Machine Weight: ~ 1291 kg
Capacity: 650 bottle/min (ø50mm- h:130mm bottle )


Developped and easy usage Beckhoff brand PLC Control system
Beckhoff brand touchscreen LCD Operator Panel
Safe access to the user interface through individual transponders
Easy-to-follow display of the current production data
Malfunction display in plain text and graphic display
Text displayed in the set language
Interface to superordinated systems such as PDA (production data acquisition) or LMS (line management system)
Remote maintenance possible
Without any step speed adjusted bottle spacer
Servo driven rotary cutter which has high level cutting speed
Sleeve feeding by using SERVO
Sleeve clothing by using SERVO
Automatic sleeve roll feeding
In a Short time changing spare parts and call the suitable parameters for the bottles from PLC unit
Machine stops when entry empty,exit busy and no bottle situations
Easy service and maintenance
Silent working without using compressed air
CE standarded Machine Protector for working security and keep clean the environment
All sensors SICK,KYENCE
All Servo motors Beckhoff
Soft start and stop features
Bobbin changing feature without stopping the machine
Automatic height adjustment according to bottle highness.

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