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Technical Specifications

System: Linear
Working System:Volumetric
Construction: Steel construction, all visible parts AISI 304 quality, the parts which contact with the product AISI 316
Conveyor: 82mm PVC conveyor belt, ~ 4.000 mm
Conveyor Height: Standart 950 mm ( ± 50 mm )
Bottle: Glass, Plastic
Control System: Omron or Beckhoff brand PLC system
Nozzle: 4 or 8 parts (inside closing or diving)
Cylindir: 4 or 8 parts ( SCHOTT brand glass)
Cylindir Volume: 250-500-1000 cc
Filling Adjustment: 50 cc or 1000 cc
Weight Adjustment : Automatic adjustable on touch screen
Filling Tank: ~ 75 Lt * Optional (sensetive pressured level controlled)
Filling Accuracy: ± %0,3
Electrical Requirements: 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase
Energy Consumption: 2,5 kW
Air Requirements: 6-8 bar
Air Consumption: 300 lt/min
Dimensions ( WxLxH ): 1200x1500x2800 mm (conveyor ~ 4.000 mm)
Machine Weight: ~ 1200 kg
Capacity: 2000-4000 bottle/hour (varies according to liquid and bottle sample)


Developped and easy usage Omron or Beckhoff brand PLC Control system
Omron or Beckhoff touchscreen LCD Operator Panel
Three direction Rotary Valve (suitable for food)
Automatic CIP System – Clean in place (with AISI 316 pressure controlled filling tank)
~75lt Sensetive pressure level controlled liquid tank fixed over the machine (by CIP)
Easily operation and quick setting (reloading) for each different bottle parameters on
PLC control panel
Machine Stops when entry empty and exit busy
Special diving nozzle system for foaming(bubbling) liquids
Easy service and maintenance
Compare with mechanica system %40 more output and silent working
CE standarded Machine Protector for working security and keep clean the environment
All sensors SICK,KYENCE
All Pneumatics SMC,FESTO
All gear units used on the machine are Yilmaz Reducer.
All 304 ve 316 stainless steel items used on the machine are licensed.