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Am I Affected By the ADP Data Breach?

Am I Affected By the ADP Data Breach?

Tech companies have been scrambling to address the threat, but organizations and consumers should immediately patch any applications or systems affected by it, if possible, according to cybersecurity experts. Stephen Cavey, co-founder of Ground Labs, a cybersecurity firm in Singapore, said that while it is too late to avoid the breach and secure exposed data, employers should seek to invest in scanning and remediation technology as soon as possible. Cloutier said ADP does offer an additional layer of authentication — a personal identification code (PIC) — basically another static code that can be assigned to each employee. He added that ADP is trialing a service that will ask anyone requesting a new account to successfully answer a series of questions based on information that only the real account holder is supposed to know. “We’ve now aggressively put in some security intelligence by trying to look for that code and turn off self-service registration access if we find that code” published online, Cloutier said. U.S. Bank’s Ripley acknowledged that the bank published the link and company code to an employee resource online, but said the institution never considered that the data itself was privileged.

  1. If you’re already using ADP for payroll or other HR services, you may be entitled to special pricing for adding employee retirement plans to your package.
  2. He said another option is to just pay everyone the same as the previous pay cycle and try to figure out a way to straighten it out later.
  3. ADP has also been actively cooperating with law enforcement to determine the cause of this incident and to assist authorities in identifying and apprehending those responsible.
  4. “Upon investigation, we discovered that a limited number of Slack employee tokens were stolen and misused to gain access to our externally hosted GitHub repository.

Those employees may decide to go ahead and set up personal Slack accounts (rather than a more secure enterprise account) and begin sharing company data through the insecure platform. Microsoft reported last week that it also discovered an intrusion of its corporate network on Jan. 12. The Redmond, Washington, tech giant said the breach began in late November and also blamed Cozy Bear. It said the Russian hackers accessed accounts of senior Microsoft executives as well as cybersecurity and legal employees. ADP emphasized that the fraudsters needed to have the victim’s personal data — including name, date of birth and Social Security number — to successfully create an account in someone’s name. ADP also stressed that this personal data did not come from its systems, and that thieves appeared to already possess that data when they created the unauthorized accounts at ADP’s portal.

Stay informed on the top business tech stories with’s weekly highlights reel. User IDs and email addresses were obtained during the breach, and Freecycle has advised all their members to reset their passwords as soon as possible. Protecting ADP clients and their data from malicious activity has been, and always will be, a top priority for ADP.

A digital forensic investigator can help identify the extent of the attack, minimize the impact, and recover any stolen or lost data. In a 2022 survey by ADP, approximately six in 10 (61%) respondents reported that their payroll operation had been impacted by a cybersecurity breach at least once in the last 24 months. This perhaps explains why 44% say that data security is on their planned improvement list over the next few years. It’s truly a measure of the challenges ahead in improving online authentication that so many organizations are still looking backwards to obsolete and insecure approaches. ADP’s logo includes the clever slogan, “A more human resource.” It’s hard to think of a more apt mission statement for the company.

However, you’ll also need to use additional security measures, like 2-Factor Authentication, wherever possible, to create a second line of defense. India’s opposition parties are asking the government to urgently launch a probe into the breach and create a working data security plan for government agencies and departments. The LockBit ransomware gang initially claimed responsibility for the attack and posted a threat directed at Boeing on their website – which has since been taken down. There is no clear evidence available at this point that suggests Boeing has paid the organization a ransom. ADP has also been actively cooperating with law enforcement to determine the cause of this incident and to assist authorities in identifying and apprehending those responsible. Because this incident is the subject of an ongoing law enforcement investigation, ADP cannot disclose any additional details at this time.

Why We Chose ADP as Best for Small Businesses

The SolarWinds data breach is only one example of how hackers can target organizations via third-party vendors. In short, the sensitivity of the data and the potential fallout from that data being compromised adp security breach should guide vendor security management measures. Companies need a strong, zero-trust vendor security management program that covers the full vendor lifecycle from vendor setting to vendor decommissioning.

By way of inserting a malicious code into the software, hackers managed to access information provided by customers making purchases. It’s clear that ADP had all small businesses, from sole proprietors to 100-person organizations, in mind when developing its employee retirement plans. This plan sponsor understands that small businesses are unique and want retirement programs that meet their specific needs. When you partner with ADP, you can choose from a traditional 401(k), an individual or solo 401(k), a SIMPLE IRA, a safe harbor 401(k) and a Roth 401(k). Adding to the company’s appeal, ADP’s retirement plans integrate with its highly rated payroll services. Payroll processing giant, ADP, recently divulged a breach that exposed tax information of employees of some of its clients, exposing them to tax fraud and identity theft.

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Bancorp was affected by the security breach, it has not confirmed which other companies have been placed at risk. Hackers had used similar tactics previously to break into the IRS’s Get Transcript application. Using personal information gathered from other sources, hackers were able to round up data from about 724,000 compromised taxpayer accounts. U.S. Bank has said that it published its own link and code in an online resource openly available to U.S. The bank says it had not considered the link and code to be sensitive information. Hackers impersonated the employees of ADP customers, enabling them to register accounts in an ADP system that gave them access to the employees’ W-2 information.

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ADP says the incidents occurred because the victim companies all mistakenly published sensitive ADP account information online that made those firms easy targets for tax fraudsters. This same kind of assurance didn’t go the way of the two recently-targeted companies. In fact, this is not the first time third-party providers were used as a channel for compromise.

In the aftermath of last year’s attack, during which 76 million customers had their data compromised, the company pledged it would spend $150 million to upgrade its data security – but the recent attack raises serious questions over whether this has been well spent. But the extent of employee information stored in Kronos Private Cloud—and therefore potentially exposed—varies by employer. The city of Cleveland for example, warned its workforce that names, addresses and the last four digits of Social Security numbers could be at risk. ADP shares dropped to about 0.7% following the report of the breach, while its client and confirmed affected party went down 1.3%.

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The news of the ADP data breach was first reported by security blogger Brian Krebs of KrebsOnSecurity, who said the ADP data breach may have compromised accounts at more than a dozen firms, including the nation’s fifth-largest bank, U.S. ADP offers many types of employee retirement plans, including traditional 401(k), individual or solo 401(k), SIMPLE IRA, safe harbor 401(k) and Roth 401(k). If you want a retirement plan that’s easy to implement and manage — with a digital dashboard, a mobile app and access to dedicated support — ADP is the ideal solution for your small business. Additionally, the tech giant last week said Midnight Blizzard likely compromised other organizations.

Last February, months before the year’s tax filing season drew to a close, the IRS issued a warning stating a 400% uptick in scams that targeted tax information. According to the FBI, from October 2013 through February 2016, schemes that made use of different techniques to steal such information were tricked over 17,600 victims, amounting to $2.3 billion in losses. Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP, Norton Rose Fulbright Australia, Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP and Norton Rose Fulbright South Africa Inc are separate legal entities and all of them are members of Norton Rose Fulbright Verein, a Swiss verein. Norton Rose Fulbright Verein helps coordinate the activities of the members but does not itself provide legal services to clients.


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