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H SERIES filling and sealing pre-made pouches

H SERIES filling and sealing pre-made pouches


The (HFS Machine) automatic packing machine H series is designed for automatically opening, filling and sealing pre-made pouches, ,it can operate on a variety of bag styles, including 3 or 4 sided sealed pillow pouches, stand up bags, gusseted pouches and quad sealed, box pouch bags with zipper or not.


  • Needn’t stop machine when supply pouches
  • Working with various dimensions of bags
  • Pouch picking
  • Can fill 2 products simultaneously
  • Servo pouch advance system
  • Zipper opening system (Optional)
  • Pouch opening system with vacuum
  • Pouch stretching, hot sealing and cold sealing units
  • Pouch opening control system
  • No bag-no fill sensor
  • Steal machine body
  • LCD touch control operating system
  • Product output conveyor
  • Accordance with CE standarts


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